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Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Mood: Sleepy
Music: R. Kelly - Thoia Thoing

Blargh....sorry about the internet was down AGAIN. -_-

This was in my friend Colin's away message earlier today:

"the next time you drive through the desert and see a little roadrunner on the side of the road, stop the car, get out, and kick it in the nuts for being the mascot for the horrid company that provides me with this unreliable internet service."

Man....that's just a small, miniscule sliver of how I feel towards Roadrunner Highspeed Internet Service right now. -_- But yeah....getting the urge to kick a roadrunner in the nuts sums it up pretty well.

Oh, and one more thing....
I got the antenna balls today!! Now I've got 3 happy little NFL antenna balls sitting on my desk. :) Hopefully I'll have a Seattle Seahawk on its way as well. ^_^

Alrighty, this little girl needs her sleep...g'nite everyone.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003
Mood: Groggy
Music: Diana Krall - If I Had You

Oky doky, before I go on with today's entry, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Darren (aka none other than Dramamine Boy) for offering to send me not one, but TWO Jack in the Box antenna balls!! I'll be checking my mailbox for my little Raider and 49er! ^_^

Alrighty, onto the entry. Organic chemistry is like...whoa. I can't say I know what to think of it yet, but I can definitely say it's the most useful class I'm taking right now. Allow me to give a few examples:

Scenario 1: A cure for insomnia
Let's say you caught your friend watching Richard Simmons videos. Now you toss and turn at night, knowing that your friend enjoys watching Richard Simmons tapes. The solution? Crack open your favorite bedtime story, Organic Chemistry 3rd Edition by Browne and Foote!! Allow me to demonstrate:

"1,2-Cyclohexanediol has two stereocenters and, according to the 2^n rule, can exist as a maximum of four stereoisomers. The cis isomer exists as one pair of enantiomers, and the trans isomer exists as a second pair of enantiomers. The enantiomers of the cis isomer...."

*poke poke* awake over there? What'd I tell ya?? Knocks you out faster than Nyquil!!

Scenario 2: Defense tool when confronted by a larger member of the human race
You're walking back from chem lab. It's late, and the trees on campus are casting dark, sinister shadows in the streets. Creepy, eh? Suddenly a large man jumps out and demands that you hand over your wallet or you'll be beaten to a pulp. What do you do? Hand over your wallet and run? NO WAY!!! Slap open your Organic Chemistry textbook, point to a random diagram, and exclaim "NAME THAT MOLECULE, BIATCH!!!" At the sight of all the lines and carbon molecules and whatnot, the hooligan will scare away like a little girl.

Scenario 3: Extension to Scenario 2 - Weapon when attacked by a larger member of the human race
Let's say the same punk mentioned in Scenario 2 skips the demand for the wallet and goes straight to beating you to a pulp. Whatcha gonna do? Shout for help? Psh....please. Instead of shouting for help, shout out something like "3-ETHYL-2-METHYLHEXANE!!!" The said assailant will think that you're speaking in tongues, possessed by the devil, and ready to let him feel your wrath! You'd be a MONSTER!! Imagine that!! That's unless the assailant also happens to be an organic chemistry student. In that case, he'll just wonder why the hell you're yelling out names of random molecules. In that case...well, you might want to call for help. Oh oh, or try to throw your orgo book at him and hope that it'll hit him in the head and crack his skull or something!! HA!! Organic chemistry IS useful!!

Anywho, I'm off to go to class. What class am I going to, you ask? Why, organic chemistry, of course. :P

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003
Mood: Sleepy
Music: John Mayer - Quiet

It's past 1 am and I'm blogging. Pity me. :P

Hehe, but anywho....I was missing a shoe and I didn't notice for a day. I have a pair of navy blue Old Navy flip-flops. You know, the kinds that everyone and their mother buys for $ 2.50 a pair. Anywho...the cool part about those flip-flops is that they're super-cheap, and they're pretty comfortable. The bad part is that everyone has them. So anywho, when I left my friend Minhee's apartment on Friday, I ended up taking one navy blue flip-flop, and one (much larger) black flip-flop. I went around the next day wearing two different shoes, thinking that things were fine and dandy. Later on I went over to Deran's apartment, and right before I left I flew into a panic because....*gasp* I was missing a shoe! We searched the whole apartment for my missing flip flop, moving couches, crawling on the ground to look under tables, and alas, the poor blue flip-flop was missing. And then we noticed that there was an extra "mystery flip-flop". It was black, and about 2 sizes bigger...and I kept on insisting that I couldn't have brought that in with me, because NO ONE in my apartment has feet that huge. So for a while everyone's contemplating the existence of black holes because we've got one shoe missing, but another random shoe had materialized. Creepy. Anywho, turns out that my friend Sam (who was also over at Minhee's place on Friday night) took off with one of my shoes before I left, and I unwittingly just put on one his shoes and went home after him. We gave each other's shoes back, and all was well in the world. Mystery solved.

Anywho...I'm just hoping that I don't experience the same switcheroo with other items in the future. I can't imagine what things would be like if I accidentally took someone else's backpack or something..."Intro to Fruitfly Breeding?? Telemarketing 101?? Advanced Basketweaving?!?!" Actually....I think things might be worse for whoever's at the other end of that particular switch-around. I think organic chemistry's scary enough to frighten the boogieman out of the closet. :P

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Sunday, September 14, 2003
Mood: Blah
Music: Coldplay - Yellow internet's back for now. Just enough time to write a short entry before it goes out again. Blargh.

Anywho....I had a dream last night that I had to do a striptease for an exam. The funny part about it was that I wasn't worried at all about the fact that I had to strip in front of people, or that I couldn't dance worth crap...

I was worried that I'd get a low grade because I didn't have matching underwear.

I had to striptease in front of a couple of old men, and all I worry about is not having matching underwear?!?! Eeeesh....I don't remember too many details, but I do remember panicking that I didn't have a pair of panties to match my tan-colored bra. Bloody hell.

ANYWHO.....onto other things....I haven't had a turnout for my Jack in the Box NFL antenna ball request yet!! C'mon people!! Where's the love??? Anywho, I'm off to do some studying....that's it for today's "blog as quickly as you can between internet outages" entry.

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Friday, September 12, 2003
*Grumble*....everytime I see a Time-Warner Cable truck, I'm EXTREMELY tempted to throw something at it. And I don't mean just chucking a little paper cup or anything....I mean more like lobbing an axe in its general direction so that it breaks something. Anywho....I'm blogging from my friend Minhee's apartment right now because my cable internet's been down YET AGAIN for the past couple of days. What do I have to do to get some service around here?!?! I subscribe to Roadrunner internet. Maybe Wile E. Coyote finally dropped a 2-ton anvil on that freakin' roadrunner, because I'm not getting the "high-speed connection" that I should be getting. Maybe they should rename the service to Porky Pig's Stuttering and Crappy Internet Service. A-bla-bla-bla-blargh.

But anywho....
As you know, Jack in the Box fast food chain has been distributing little football helmet antenna balls! I want to collect as many of those antenna balls as possible, but geography kind of prevents me from doing that, since the only antenna balls they give away in Texas are for the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. Sooooo....any of you who would be willing to send me the Jack in the Box antenna ball of your area, e-mail or IM me for my mailing address (my contact info is on my bio page). I'll reimburse any shipping charges and what not if you want me to. Oh, and I definitely want to hear from any of you people in Cali....they've got 3 antenna balls for California alone, so there should be no excuses from you guys. Send 'em in, folks! :)

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Tuesday, September 9, 2003
Mood: Tired
Music: Lifehouse - Sky is Falling (acoustic)

Adventures in the Pre-Pharm World
Blargh. Ok, so if any of you don't know already, I'm a pre-pharm student. Sooo...I have to take this little exam known as the PCAT. Basically, it's a souped up version of the SAT, just that it's made for pharm students. Lucky me! So anywho, being the good little girl/pre-pharm student that I am, I grabbed an application for my PCAT yesterday to send it off. In addition to sending in an application, you also have to send a registration fee of $ 69.00. No problem, I'll just grab my checkbook. That's before I noticed that it said in big, bold, capital letters ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BY MONEY ORDER. Blargh. I'd never gotten a money order before in my life, so I run over to the nearest Bank of America and ask for one. The girl there tells me that I can't get them there, but I can get money orders at the student union. So I thanked her, and walked out into the 90+ degree heat to the Union. I get to the Union, and I ask the girl at the desk for a money order.

Me: Hi, um, the people at Bank of America told me I could get money orders here, so...
Girl:, you get those at the University Co-op
Me: ...
Girl: *looks at me like I'm an idiot*
Me: Damn.

So I walk back into the Texas heat to head over to the co-op. I get there and I ask for a money order.

Me: Hi, the people at the Union told me I could get money orders here.
Girl at counter: Ok, much do you want on it?
Me: *thank GOD they have them here* Sixty-nine dollars, please.
Girl: *rings up total* Ok, that'll be $ 69.50
Me: *pulls out credit card*
Girl:'s cash only
Me: *hand freezes in mid-air*
Girl: *stares at me like I'm an idiot*
Me: ....*sigh*....ok, I'll be back later

So then I go back out, run to the nearest ATM, and withdraw 70 bucks. And let me tell you one thing, I'm VERY uncomfortable about carrying that much money on me, so I'm clutching my backpack as if I had my house and dog stuffed in there. I go back to the co-op, hand over the cash, and I receive my white, stamped sheet of paper known as a money order. Good god.

So anywho....I guess the moral of the story is: money orders here at UT come from the Co-op, make sure you have the cash on you, and pray that the next time anyone has to register for the PCAT, they'll get in touch with today's technology and have online registrations. Blargh.

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